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GoodDog Tags: The True Custom Pet Tag

Hand-made, lightweight metal, custom pet tags, dog tags, and creative expressions for canine companions.


GoodDog Custom Pet Tags were designed to give pets a unique voice to their personalities.

GoodDog Tags are custom hand-crafted pet tags, which are made of high quality, lightweight, durable, alluminum alloy. Each tag is personally designed by Chen, our resident artist, etched, and given a protective non-toxic coating to resist scratches, water, and retain its original beauty.



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How Are GoodDog Custom Pet Tags Different Than Other Pet Tags?

  • GoodDog custom dog tags are unique and customizable.
  • GoodDog custom dog tags are thicker than most pet tags currently on the market, increasing durability and longevity of the tag, but just as light as most thinner tags.
  • GoodDog custom dog tags are not stamped like other tags. We use a deep etching process, which produces a highly visible impression deep in the metal, that will not fade or scratch away.
  • GoodDog custom dog tags are treated to resist scratches and water, increasing the longevity of the tag.
  • GoodDog custom dog tags can be custom created by selecting your own images and phrases, or you can select from many pre-made designs.
  • GoodDog custom dog tags are hand made and designed by a professional artist and loyal pet owner.
  • GoodDog custom dog tags are easier to read and longer lasting than standard pet tags.

Custom Dog Pet Tag Tayto

Our GoodDog Tag after 1 year.

Quality,Creative, Clever, Long-lasting, Unique.... Anything but ordinary.

They are GoodDog Custom Pet Tags!

The Only Custom Pet Tag Good Enough For Your Pet!

Not A Custom Dog Pet Tag

A standard pet tag after 1 year.

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