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We are always happy to hear from fans, friends, and casual browsers. We are proud to display, discuss, and recieve feedback on your custom pet tag product or buying experience.

If you would like to contact Chen, the creator and artist of Good Dog Tags,(she responds to all of her email.) please feel free to send a personal email to:

If you are looking to place an order for your unique, customized, durable, lightweight, hand crafted pet tags, click here to place your custom pet tag order.

If you have placed an order for your custom pet tags already, we thank thank you very much for your support.
Feel free to drop us a line to let us know how you like you new custom pet tags from Good Dog Tags.
Don't forget to show off your furry friends sporting their new look! Send us a photo of your pet for inclusion in our Photo Pack album at:

If you have any feedback or general comments about your experiences with us or suggestions for improvement or new products, feel free to Bark Back at us here!

Are you interested in becoming a reseller of Good Dog Tag or Telling Tag products? We do offer our products wholesale. Click here for more information on becoming a retailer of our custom pet tag products.

Interested in having a link to your website listed with us? Please send you website address to We will review your site and list it if it is appropriate and relevant.
Click here to view our suggested Good Dog Links.

All questions regarding order status or problems with your order should be emailed to: A response will be emailed within 1 business day.

For any other sales related questions, including volume discounts, please click here.

Email to report any website problems. My technician will correct the issue.


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