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Born and raised on a farm in Western New York, Chen was no stranger to animals. Raised among horses, chickens, goats, dogs and cats, she quickly fell in love with all of her animals, but found a special place in her heart for dogs.

Her mother was a long time dog lover and owner, and encouraged by her daughter's enthusiasm, passed on many secrets for the care and training of her dogs.

Chen began formally training and competing in obedience with her Golden Retrievers at age 10. Her passion continued throughout her teens and into college, where she attended The Art Institute of Pittsburgh. Upon graduation, Chen started her artistic career and family, which of course included dogs.


Artist and creator Chen with her dogs Tayto and Una.


Throughout the years, she always imagined what her dogs would be saying at those wonderfully peculiar moments. She was also getting tired of the same old accesories for her dogs. She wanted a unique way of defining her dog and its wonderful personality.

Chen was also disgusted at the simple, flimsy, low quality dog tags that she had to keep replacing every year. Thus, GoodDog Tags (TM) were born!

She began making her own custom GoodDog Tags in late 2005, for each of her dogs. These beautiful, unique, durable, and stylish tags are now available to the public.

For Chen there will always be dogs.....
View Chen's Dog Dedication Video: There Will Always Be Dogs.


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