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Do you have pets that are fussy about their toys?

Are your dogs licenced for Toy Demolition?

Are you looking for those items that may be hard to find or a bit more unique?

Our two Boston Terriers fit the above descriptions, and Chen is always on the lookout for pet paraphenalia for our home and pets. Based on personal experiences, Chen will be making recommendations for pet toys and accessories that are durable, hard to find, fun for the dogs, and meet her taste for quality. If you can't spoil your pets, then who can you spoil? But why waste money on those products that don't last 5 minutes under CHEW CONDITIONS or that dogs just don't find entertaining?

We are looking into offering some of these items directly for reasonable prices..... (We just can't believe what some people are charging at the retail outlets or how many products the chain stores do not even carry.) For items we recommend, but will not carry for sale here, we will post links for where you can obtain the product.

Stay tuned for Chen's Choices!

If you are having a hard time finding a product at your local retailer, feel free to email us at:

If we cna carry it at a reasonble price, and it passes Boston Approval and Chen Approval, we will offer it here for you.

Boston Approved products we are looking to offer online due to lack of local availibility:

Antlerz All Natural Dog Chews

Sweet Potato Dog Chews

Everlasting FunBall

Kong Wubba

Wrought Iron Dog Dining Aparatus (For those who like old school...)

Floppy Frisbees



Our GoodDog Tag after 1 year.

Quality,Creative, Clever, Long-lasting, Unique.... Anything but ordinary.

They are GoodDog Tags!

A standard pet tag after 1 year.


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